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5.0 cu.ft extra large capacity washer(WF50A8600AV)

(Topic created: 08-18-2021 06:17 PM)
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I purchased this washer/dryer unit, after several warnings from trusted sources, on May 25, 2021 and after 3 months the washer is ruined!!! I was washing a light load of clothing and I heard the washer from my second floor bedroom- it sounded like a freight train! I heard a loud boom and then I ended the spin cycle. I attempted a trial run w/o clothes and the unit leaked water on the floor. I am totally disappointed with this washer, especially after 3 months! I had a similar event with my old washer, but it was after 13 years of use!!! I contacted customer service and I have to wait 2 business days for a tech to examine the unit. Evene if I get a refund on the washer, I am on the hook for the cost dryer also (purchase as a unit). Do yourself and your wallet a favor, avoid samsung washers!



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I have had samsung smart washer and dryer for 3-4 years now and its been working well. I think u just got a defected one