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5E code and slow to start

(Topic created on: 1/14/21 3:11 PM)
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front load washer Wf42H5200Aw bought in 2016

When I start my washer it makes a couple of clicking noises (not the door locking) and then a humming noise on and off for about 4 minutes before it locks the door and starts. Then once in the cycle, usually during rinse mode the 5E code comes up. Usually with a small load no code comes up and is able to complete normally. If we then put it in a rinse/spin mode many times it will finish without any problem other times the 5E code comes up again. Sometimes we get the SUD code too even when the appropriate amount of soap is used. I have it draining into a sink, so it is draining and not getting stopped up there.

I have replaced the hose going from the machine out. It had a hole, but wasn't clogged. I have cleaned the filter and it wasn't that dirty. I have unplugged the machine to reset it. I have put the machine in diagnostic mode and it appears everything is working correctly.

Currently I am thinking it is a sensor that is malfunctioning. I don't want to replace a bunch of parts just to find out it is the wrong thing. So has anyone else experienced this and is there a way to figure out if it is the control board, the drain pump or something else?

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