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A design issue has damaged my hardwood floors

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 10:41 AM)
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My name is David *****, I reside in the United States, and have a WF50K7500A washing machine (and matching dryer) that I purchased for my new home. I read in the manual that the pump filter should be cleaned 5 or 6 times a year and decided to clean recently. I followed the instructions to the letter, and after replacing it, started a washing cycle. When I returned to put the clothes in the dryer, I found water all over my hardwood floors. I investigated and discovered that there was water leaking from the seal for the pump filter.  
I used many towels to sop up the mess, and in checking the filter, found that there is a small protrusion in the rear of the filter housing which apparently is supposed to align with a small cutout at the rear of the filter to allow it to be properly aligned and fully seated. There is NOTHING in the manual that refers to this, and I discovered that it is quite easy to install the filter without the proper alignment and for it to appear fully sealed (you can turn the filter knob and it still clicks).
I am retired now, but in my former career I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company. I can assure you that when designing anything that requires regular servicing or maintenance, and/or must be aligned properly to function or seal correctly, it would be designed so that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for it to be installed incorrectly. In the case of this filter, it should have an alignment depression in it and a matching protrusion in the housing that runs the FULL LENGTH of each, thereby assuring that it absolutely cannot be incorrectly inserted. Furthermore, the manual should have pointed out CLEARLY AND EXPLICITLY that the filter will not seal correctly and therefore leak should the alignment be incorrect, and provide illustrations depicting both the correct and incorrect alignment. This design defect should also be addressed so that current and future models do not have this defective design.
As for me, my expensive hardwood flooring near the washer is buckled and damaged, despite my best efforts to immediately dry it. I know that the Samsung Corporation prides itself on its reputation and in that spirit I am asking that I be compensated for the damage done to my floors. 
David *****
Hansville, WA 98340 USA
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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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I am sorry the you have had this experience. Please send the serial numbers, along with pictures of the damage,  to this PM Link.

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