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Activewash washing machine—dirt on clothes and in washer tub.

Does anyone else have the problem with dirt on their clothes and in the washer tub AFTER washing your clothes...and I'm not talking about washing clothes covered in dirt...I'm talking no dirt to start...just general wear.. but dirt after.   I can't even wash whites in my washer.  I have never had such a piece of junk.  Samsung should probably stick to small cell phones.. their TV's are horrible too...Samsung used to be a quality name...but not anymore.  Worst washing machine ever...I took a handout and free washer over this thing...anything to not ruin my clothes with specks of dirt and "mud" after washing.  I have tried self clean...I wipe it out after every is just always there.  It is less than 5 yrs old and had been junk the entire time...I should have gone with a used Kenmore or Maytag on Craigslist ...not doubt I would have been better off.