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App Won’t Pair With Washing Machine

(Topic created: 07-24-2022 04:25 AM)
Washers and Dryers

Hi Guys 

This is my second Samsung Washing Machine purchase.

First Washer\Dryer paired automatically without a hiccup with the Smart App’. 
For those of you experiencing connection issues to the appliance via phone :- 

The password affiliated with your mobile device if that doesn’t work; I advise you to resort to the password affixed at the bottom or rear of your Modem which is the “ Original Factory Set “ password ! 

I received a new washer yesterday. I was messing around all night and this morning until it dawned upon me if it’s not accepting the password I changed it to; let’s try the password the modem originally came with from the ISP [ internet service provider]. 
Hope this helps guys 🙏👋✌️






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