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Aquajet VRT Top loading washer Agitator

I am trying to remove the agitator plate from my washer and it will not budge.  It is as if it were welded on.  Is the agitator plate supposed to be removable or not?  I need to check the bolt underneath the plate, I believe it is loose and causing constant out of balance errors.


Swear to God, if anyone suggests any Samsung device to me ever again, I will punch them in the nose.  I have had nothing but issues with this .

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Aquajet VRT Top loading washer Agitator

We don't recommend self-repairs or taking the unit apart, as that voids any accommodations we may have available to you. Are you trying to remove the pulsator cap? When you open the lid to the washer, is the tub in the center or is it tilted at all?

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