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Brown spots on clothing!

My Samsung washer, model WF45N5300AW/US is leaving brown splatter spots all over my laundry!  The spots seem to be grease-based, or something else impossible to remove from clothing, because everything that goes in comes out ruined.  I regularly clean it and run self clean cycles as Samsung recommends, which make no difference.  

The washer is just shy of 2 years old!  This same thing actually happened to me with a previous Samsung washer also only a few years old and this current one was the replacement.  Shame on me for trusting Samsung again, and now it's out of warranty and I'm stuck with (another) $800 piece of garbage. A6F3EFD9-6CA9-4244-A3B8-E35AB2A7D169.jpeg



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Brown spots on clothing!

  • Never run a Self Clean cycle with laundry in the tub, as this can damage the washer and the contents of the tub.
  • After putting liquid chlorine bleach in your washer, start the Self-Clean process immediately. Do not leave liquid chlorine bleach in your washer.
  1. Run the Self Clean cycle.

    1. Make sure there is not any laundry in the tub, and remove any remaining water in the tub by running a Spin-only cycle.
    2. Pour liquid chlorine bleach into the detergent compartment and fill it to the max line. (Do not use the bleach compartment.)
    3. Close the lid or door and press the Power button.
    4. Select Self CleanSelf Clean+, or Pure Cycle.
    5. Press the Start/Pause button to start. Self Clean time varies from model to model, but is approximately 1 hour for top load washers and 4 hours for front load washers.
    6. When Self Clean completes, wipe clean any residue in the tub using paper towels.
    7. Run a Rinse+Spin cycle to remove any remaining residue.
    8. Repeat 2 - 7 until there is no more visible mold residue.
    9. Leave the lid or door open to let the washing machine dry.

If this does not help please send me a private message with your full model and serial number? 

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Re: Brown spots on clothing!


There's your problem in the baove link. There's probably a pound of sludge in and under your agitator plate.