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Burned Severely by washing machine

Please I need anyones help or suggestions. My washer is model WF419AAU XAA. My machine is out of warranty and older. This machine has had this issue from the start. Dispensers do not empty properly. The debris fiter on the front when opened has the worst smell and sodtner and soap all kinds of stuff that should not. I checked the drain hose and the chemicals soap and bleach etc..had mixed in the machine and it errupted out of the drain hose. The chemicals all stored mixed that should not be mixed. I was in the burn center for weeks with caustic 3rd degree burns. I called and Samsung sent a tech to see if there is a defect. He was nasty and rude and watched his google nest. He also tore the seal and other parts.Samsung says not their problem . That is the end of me buying again ever and I will never walk the same..ever. Thanks!