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Cracked Dryer Door - Engineering Defect - Horrible Dishonest Customer service

Worst customer service I've ever received. Bought a new Washer and Dryer in February, almost March 2020. About a month ago after a normal load of laundry we came downstairs to see cracks running through the doors. (1/7)


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This is a defect in the engineering of the model, many people have reported the same problem in the threads that can be read here.


We are renovating a house and have many new appliances to purchase and were planning on going with Samsung. However, customer service came to look at it, told us our warranty is NOW VOID?!? And is accusing us of physically damaging the product. 


Since this greedy company won't honor their warranty and refuses to be honest about the cause of the broken door (engineering defect, not phsyical damage caused by owner) @SamsungUS can say goodbye to the 10K of orders we were planning to place on new applianaces with them.


Furthermore, if you read through the threads on Samsung's own site of other people this has happened to, you can see that Samsung is trying to mark the problems resolved when they are not. Also these models are suddenly marked down 37%, which means the company knows there is something wrong and is trying to move the defective machines out more quickly by discounting them to replace with a newer model that probably address these defects. Corporations calculate the cost of fixing things versus leaving them alone.


If a lawsuit for failing to address a defect or failure costs them less than the actual fix, corporations will avoid taking responsibility to save money. @SamsungUS @samsungsupport This is how you treat loyal customers of many years? RECALL.


Samsung has a history of this type of customer service and a class action filed against it for defects in the drums that was filed in 2018.  


You can read the lawsuit here. Wish I had known this is what to expect. 


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Will be posting this on every review site I can find for this washer and dryer until Samsung makes it right.