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Customer Service Scheme to ensure refunds are withheld

I have called customer service nearly 20 times to receive a promised refund on a washer that broke 30 days in. Every time I call I am now directed to case management which is impossible to contact purposefully. Here is where the scheme begins. If you attempt to wait on hold no one answers (3 calls and 6 hrs and 24 minutes later). If you request a call back they don't. If they the representative waits 30 seconds and hangs up. This is done to ensure your refund isn't processed. I have constructed a letter to senior VPs, the BBB, and FTC in regards to these unethical practices. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Customer Service Scheme to ensure refunds are withheld

I totally understand your frustrations and would be delighted to look into your case! Can you provide any ticket numbers you've been given or the full model and serial number via private message?

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