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Cycle never ends

(Topic created: 07-24-2021 06:35 PM)
Washers and Dryers

Model wa52m7750a consistently goes from spin to UR error, fills up, spins,etc.  It will do this for hours.  So much for saving electricity and water.  When we bought our new house we bought all new Samsung appliances and I have never been so disappointed with a washer as I am this one.  

Don't send me your normal answer of select the correct load, distribute the Landry properly,  make sure its level, etc.  None of this helps.  

Your consumers need a fix for this problem or no one will continue to buy your product.   This is a huge problem with too many of your customers for them to have to pay hundreds of dollars more to get your defective product fixed.  

If you can fix it great, send me a repairman at your cost, otherwise I'm going to throw it in the lake and buy from a competitor and discourage everyone on social media to not buy your products.   I might have the BBB check into this.  They should be aware of this scam.


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