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DO NOT ever order appliances from Samsung!!!!!

I have just moved and we needed to buy a washer and dryer. We thought going through Samsung was the best option. We even signed up for Samsung financing. However, the wrong address was on the account. Could i just call and fix it? NO.  I have spent the last three weeks calling Samsung, Samsung Ecommerce, and XPO shipping to try and get this fixed. First they sad I need to call TD Bank and change my address and that would fix everything. IT DID NOT! Then I had to call Ecommerce again, and Samsung Appliances, and stayed on hold for endless hours to get NOWHERE! The order has moved all the way to shipped, and it is set to arrive at the wrong address. And can you easily cancel your item when their is an issue. NO! You have to call and be transfered and be put on hold for over an hour. And when you ask to speak to a supervisor in any department, the phone line magiacally goes dead,  and then you have to start the whole process over. I am so feed up with waiting my breaks and lunches from working being on hold because they close at 5 and are not available on the weekends. I called the shipping company too, because Samsung said they could help, and the representative that I spoke was very kind and said she could not do anything either. IN FACT, she reached out to Samsung and tried to help and Samsung replied that nothing could be done and don't even bother replying to the customer. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT?!?!?! Samsung really need to rethink how they do things. They DO NOT provide quaility customer care and this is the WORST experiance I have every had purchasing anything! I will not be ordering from Samsung ever again. After I finally, maybe cancel my order I will never be calling them again and will be taking business elswhere!


Re: DO NOT ever order appliances from Samsung!!!!!

I just got onto this web site with a very similar complaint. Thanks for sharing!