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DV42H5200EP Dryer not heating. Heating coil has broken twice in 4 months. Only 2 years old!!!

Our dryer DV42H5200EP stopped heating a few months ago. Since the dryer is 2 years old and out of warranty, we had a local appliance repairman come out to fix it. He pulled it apart and replaced the heating coil. Said that it's possible a bit of lint got in there and ruined the coil. I clean the lint filter every use so I am wondering like others here if the lint filter is just badly designed. But the really interesting thing is that our repairman said that all of the interior edges of the drier were never finished properly - as if it skipped that part on the production line. Because of this all of the metal edges on the inside are razor sharp. He cut his hand very badly while fixing our drier. 


Well, only 4 months later and the heating coil is broken AGAIN. I called Samsung to tell them about all of these issues and to express my frustration that our drier was clearly not finished correctly and that there was *no* way of knowing that within the warranty time period. It is pathetic that a dryer only lasts 2 years. Spending $300 every few months to repair is absolutely ridiculous.


So the Samsung customer service rep was quite nice and said he'd have a technician call me to schedule a time for a Samsung repairman to come and look at it. He told me that he was not sure if I would be on the hook for the cost of this service or not. Well the Samsung contractor called and told me it was $150 just to get them out here, not even to replace the parts.


At this point, I don't know if I even want to give $150 more towards this machine. I'm so disappointed in this customer service. 2 years in, repeatedly breaking, and the interior is like razor blades and they are unwilling to take care of a service visit.


Anyone else with this dryer model having similar issues?? Or issues with razor sharp edges??


Re: DV42H5200EP Dryer not heating. Heating coil has broken twice in 4 months. Only 2 years old!!!

Heavy lint Dog Cat hair high humidity cause blockage and heating element burn out.

7 screws to replace heating element. VOM test for contunity after you pull the wires.


Blue is bottom red is bottom not that it matters but just make sure you re wire back to mfg condition. 

Wire connector must be tight and may need a little squeeze to get them tight.


Pull the blower lint screen cover 3 screws. Clean the blower motor vains and clean out the lint.

You could have a partial block.

Clean Clean Clean every thing that has lint.