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Our 3 year old dryer made a loud noise and stopped working. After a quick search, seemed this was a common issue due to the dryer idler pulley on the belt being faulty, and having melted and popped off. We bought a replacement and fixed that issue, and now it turns on and the drum turns, however, it only stays on for a couple minutes then cycles off, but the clothes are still soaking wet. Could the bad pulley have caused something else to also go bad internally? Seems like this is a HUGE problem for this dryer based on dozens of other threads. I will DEFINITELY not be purchasing another Samsung washer or dryer again. My previous GE set lasted 13+ years with not one issue, and still ran when we gave it away to "upgrade" to this set. Hoping this new issue is something we can repair ourselves again. Any ideas on what else may be wrong now?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: DV45K6200EZ