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DVE50R5200W. Dryer is not heating

I have had this dryer for 3 months and it has stopped heating.  I have checked the lint filter and the exhaust hose and it's clean.  I tried the SmartThings app and found out it won't work with dryer.  
Everything else works.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: DVE50R5200W. Dryer is not heating

You want to make sure there isn't any icons on the dryer flashing.

  • If time dry is the cycle set, you want to make sure the eco dry is turned off, and then run a cycle . after 30 seconds open the door and feel inside. you'll be able to tell f the dryer is not heating at all or if it's giving at least a little bit of heat.
  • If the unit is giving at least a little bit of heat, the good news is we can do little more troubleshooting steps if there is a little heat coming through the unit.

The dryer is giving a little bit of heat:

  • Clean the moisture sensors, It's two metal curved bars inside the front of the drum, typical in the housing for the lint filter or to the side of it.
  • Use a higher drying cycle or higher sensor dry
  • If this doesn't resolve the issue the unit will need service,

 use the following link to find a list of service centers near that can do the in/out of warranty repair.


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