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Delayed delivery going on for 4 months.

My Fiance and I ordered a washer and dryer on May 12.  A day before the delivery was supposed to happen, I get a call the delivery was cancelled and delayed until July. Delivery was supposed to happen on 7/8 and I get another call that it will be delayed until  8/11. Letting a customer know 24 hours prior to expected delivery date is unacceptable because we make plans to be at home for delivery. I really don't want to hear how politics impacted this delivery with COVID or overseas shipping tariffs. You guys need to let customers know weeks ahead that they are not getting their product.  I was on vacation and drove home early from Florida to Michigan ahead of my family so I can be home for the delivery. Now I have another month of going to the laundromat and washing clothes in the bathtub. You guys really need to work on your customer relations.


The washer and dryer of this discussion.

4.5 cubic ft. High-Efficiency Platinum Front Load Washing Machine with Steam #WF45R6100AP

7.5 cubic ft. Platinum Electric Dryer with Steam #DVE45R6100P



Re: Delayed delivery going on for 4 months.

Doesn't make it any better but at least I don't feel alone..  I'm just about to hit my 3rd delivery date July 24th also washer and dryer.. and just got the dreaded email again. . . pushed out to August 21st. That date IF DELIVERED much like yours will put me at 3 months waiting.