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Delivery, installation, damage to home during installation

We placed three separate orders- 1) washer/dryer set 2) refrigerator all to be delivered the same day (9/17) and order #3) washer/dryer set.

The first order for the washer/dryer set did not give the option for a stacking kit. I called Samsung and the rep said the delivery company will not stack the set unless it is includes in the order. So, she gave me the item # for the stacking kit and we placed the order again, including the stacking kit, (order #3) and rescheduled the delivery again, along with the refrigerator (order #2), to be delivered at the same time on 9/18/20. We then cancelled the first order for the washer/dryer set, the one without the stacking kit (order # 1). This is a brand new (just finished construction 2 weeks ago) home and we had to drive 5 hours to be here for the delivery. The delivery men are here at this moment, with all three appliances; however, they do not have the stacking kit and asked to reschedule the delivery forth washer/dryer set, for the following week. That will mean we will need to take MORE time off work and drive another  5 hours back here, AGAIN!


I've made three calls to Samsung and XPO while the delivery men  are installing the refrigerator to resolve this issue. Conveniently, now that there is an issue, and on each call trying to explaining the situation to the Samsung and XPO rep, the call is disconnected and I get and automated message stating, "the representative has disconnected the call." I am presently waiting on the FOURTH callback from Samsung.


In the meantime, while installing the refrigerator the XPO delivery men have made FIVE scratches/ indentions on our brand new hardwood flooring and a several more scratches and dents along our wall. We are now waiting on the delivery drivers' manager to call them back to see what needs to be done to repair our flooring and walls.


I would like a Samsung representative to call me back at eithe phone # listed on my account.