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Display (knob and timer) displaying random lights

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 11:54 AM)
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My front load washing machine (WF42H5000AW/A2) was getting stuck in the wash cycle and never advancing to "rinse".  We had a service tech look at it, who concluded that it was the control board.  In lieu of spending the $500+ for him to fix it, we ordered the control board ourselves.


When I went to replace the part, I mistakenly first removed the display contol board/panel assembly.  I realized this was the wrong part and reinstalled it.  Next, I replaced the main control board out of the back of the washer with the new one.  I put everything back together, turned on the washing machine, heard the normal sequence of beeps that it makes when it starts up, however, the display was not functioning correctly.  


Several of the lights are on simultaneously, both around the knob and on the push button section.  The display has a random set of lights on and is not displaying a time or error code. I turn the knob and a different set of lights go on, but nothing coherent.  If I press start, the machine sounds like it is trying to drain, and then it stops.


I opened the machine back up and tried to reseat the connectors on the display board, but everything seemed to be connected ok.  I put it back together and same problem.  


I don't want to keep taking the machine apart and putting it back together.  Does this sound like I might have damaged the display assembly and need a new one? or is it likely that I have  a loose connection at the main control panel?  Any other thoughts?




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