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Dryer Buyer beware!!!

Hello, I had an issue with my refrigerator in June 2020, and Samsung issued an E-coupon to replace the refrigerator (approximately $2000.00). 


I got my E-coupon in July, and purchased a washer, dryer, and refrigerator (order was over $2000.00 and I paid the difference of $78.29.


I did not receive my order until September 15th 2020. I was advised by my installer that samsung shipped an electric dryer not a gas dryer. I called Samsung, and they stated they would exchange the dryer. They picked it up on September 17th 2020, and I have only received a refund of $78.29 from, and was advised the remainder of the refund would have to be sent in the form of an E-coupon. Currently, samsung owes me  $640.71, ( original cost of the dryer:$719-$78.29=$640.71.


I have called over 15 times, spoken to E-commerce, sales, home appliances, warranty, and case management, all of which state they cannot help my matter, or fix my refund issue. 

I have take down all employees names and ID numbers.


I just need the $640.71 refunded/ given credit/ etc. So that I can purchase the gas dryer. Can you please help me.


This is the message I just sent today to three representatives. Let's see if I get a response... Hopefully I won't have to contact corporate:

SEC Office of the President

105 Challenger Rd. 6th floor

Richfield Park, NJ 07660

With a lawsuit certified mail notification.