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Dryer DV328AEW/XAA stops running intermittently during cycle

I have a DV328AEW dryer that is 11 yrs old...I must be lucky because I really have no complaints with it. First time its been broke. But now it will stop running after a random length of time. Just stops.. control panel lights go out...nothing...I leave it sit for a couple minutes and dings and the panel lights up with whatever time was left on the display..If you push the start button as soon as it powers back up, it will kinda click and the panel lights fade out...leave it sit a couple minutes and ding, it powers back on. If I leave it sit a couple minutes after it powers back on  and then hit the start button it will start and continue to run. Maybe 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 5 minutes before it stops again and the same thing as described above. It does heat and dry fine, the vent has been cleaned. It just stops running at random time lengths. I had a service man look at it. He said the control board was bad. So I ordered a remanufactured board (oem is discontinued) part # MFS-DV327L-00 and installed it and its still stops running. Anyone had this problem or have heard about it?