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Dryer quit heating

What has been the main issue with the Samsung DV42H5000EW not heating anymore?? I've had one a couple of years and all of a sudden it quit heating/drying clothes. We replaced the 2 thermostats and it's still not heating. Should I replace the heating element, or thermistor or just sell it and buy a different brand that will last more than a couple of years??


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Dryer quit heating

Does the unit have no heat at all or not enough heat?


Check how much heat the dryer gives.

  • Set the dryer to Time Dry, make sure Eco Dry is turned off ( if your model has it), and then run a cycle. After 30 seconds, open the door and feel inside. You'll be able to if the dryer is not heating at all or if it's giving at least a little bit of heat

Clean the moisture sensors.

  • The moisture sensors are two curved metal bars inside the front of the dryer drum, typically in the housing for the lint filter to the side of it.
  • on a Sensor Dry cycle, these sensors stop the cycle when they think the clothes are dry. If they are covered in residue from previous cycles ( which is common when dryer sheets are used), the dryer may think the clothes are dry long before they actually are.
  • Clean them with a soft cloth and a drop of mild soap.

This type of issue will need to be addressed by having the unit serviced. If the unit is in/out of warranty you can use the following link to find a list of service centers near you that can do the repair:

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