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Dryer won’t stop running, Washer won’t unlock.

So first my dryer wouldn’t stop running, if the door was closed the drum would turn. While this was inconvenient, it didn’t seem to affect the ability for the machine to function. However shortly later the dryer wouldn’t get hot. Then the washer failed to unlock. No matter what we did. The error code AC6 showed on the washer. I called a service technician who came out and replaced my elements on the dryer (charged me $240.00!) but couldn’t get the issue of the ever running drum to resolve. He got the door unlocked on the washer but it won’t run. The controls (with the exception of the power button) are completely unresponsive. I paid over $2,000 for this set just over 2 years ago and now i’m Being told I need new control panels for both machines?! Hundreds and hundreds of more dollars in addition to what i’ve Already spent?! Come on Samsung! You’ve got to do something for me! I can’t afford to pay for these control boards or buy new machines. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Dryer won’t stop running, Washer won’t unlock.

I am so sorry to hear that! Please send me a private message with any ticket numbers you have or the full model code and serial number of each device: