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Ecobubble not draining

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I have an Ecobubble washing machine wd80j6410aw. Today it stopped draining and gave the 5C error code. It does not make a loud or grating noise when it tries to drain, it is almost silent.

Following advice online, I: checked the machine was level, cleared out the filter (it was empty), unhooked the drain hoses at both the machine end and the sink end to make sure there were no blockages (doing the blow test as well). Then I turned it on its side and unhooked the drain pump. All the hoses attached to it were free of blockages. I opened up the drain pump to test both impellers, which spun correctly (with resistance, spinning 360 when pushed - they were not weak or loose).

What should I check next? Could it be a PCB issue (though I opened this as far as I could as well and there was no burnt smell to indicate something had blown)? Thanks for any help!

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