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Error code 1dc4

Hello, I am a customer of yours, last night I purchased the Samsung washing machine model WV60M9900A at the Cape Coral Home Depot on the Skyline .... As I got home I mounted it and immediately all the water came out from below, I noticed that there is no filter cap at the bottom, it is absent. Furthermore, the upper washer does not work and gives IDC4 error code, as if the door was not closed. I immediately went to the home depot this morning, but they don't have samsung technicians who can come to solve the problem, they advised me to contact Samsung support. the washing machine is new, has only one day and is therefore under warranty. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Error code 1dc4

Was the unit professionally installed? Did they remove the shipping braces? If it is brand new, I would recommend exchanging the unit with the retailer otherwise we can set you up for service.