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Faulty Washer Installation

With the help of Samsung via this message board I have been able to resolve an issue with new washer stopping and appearance of '4C' error code.  We determined that the problem was due to incorrect installation of the drain hose.  The user manual clearly shows the drain hose to be inserted 6-8 inches into the standpipe.  The installer, XPO Logistics, inserted the drain hose 26 inches into the standpipe.  As a result, for larger loads, the water level in washer was higher than the end of drain pipe, causing the machine to stop with '4C' code.

The washer was purchased from Costco with service request 191002-003268 and delivered/installed by XPO on 9/12/19.

I am not requesting any reimbursement from Samsung but providing this for your info of your contracter, XPO, not having personnel properly trained for installation.  (The one installer mentioned that he had only been doing installs for a week.) 

Please advise 1) what action you will take with your installer as I doubt if all customers would be able to figure out the cause of the problem and likely require a service call to resolve. 2) why the supplied hose guide was not provided for this washer as I needed to buy and install one myself.  Thanks for your help.