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Faulty lid on top load washer

Samsung Top Load Washer - Model WA48J7700AW/A2, 

The lid on our only 4 year-old Samsung top-loading washing machine is broken.  First, we noticed small, loose plastic pieces near the back, left hinge when we opened the lid after washing laundry.  Subsequently, the lid began separating into layers of plastic and glass and is now starting to disconnect from the washer altogether at the back left hinge. We followed the previous recall labeling instructions, always use the washer appropriately, never place or store items on top of the lid, and it does not endure excessive use.  


I believe that this washer model’s lid is a faulty product with inadequate recall options as supported by hundreds of similar complaints reported on this website. 

For example, here is one page of complaints returned from a  “broken lid” search that returned 703 results:  


Samsung responded to many of the online complaints by requesting that customers send private messages including the details of their complaints.  So, I sent a private message initiating my complaint that also included texting photos to Samsung as requested.  Days later, I had to make two separate, lengthy phone calls to two different Samsung departments when I was passed off from one department to another.  After wasting my time with chats, texts, and phone calls, my washer lid is still broken.  I expect that with further, but necessary use, the entire washer will become inoperable


Samsung knew that there were problems with the lid years ago and attempted to fix them through the voluntary recall.  The recall was clearly insufficient to fix the cheap, poorly made product.  Now, Samsung is refusing to remedy the problem and worse, they are trying to resolve my complaint by laying the blame on me saying that the problem must have been caused by user error or a “blow” to the washer.  Neither is the truth of the matter, which leads me to believe that Samsung is choosing to avoid further responsibility for their faulty product and do not want to support their existing customers.  Samsung’s new customers must be overwhelmingly more profitable than repeat customers.


I am asking those of you who have had and are still having the same washer lid problem or other similar Samsung appliance problems what I should do now?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Faulty lid on top load washer

Based on what I was able to find in our system, your washer has been affected by our top load washer recall. In order to have your issue fixed, you will need to contact our recall department.  They will offer you either a rebate for the current value of your washer or have the recall service completed. If you opt to have the service completed, you will receive an extended one-year manufacturer's defect warranty. You can reach the recall department at 1-866-264-5636, and provide them with your full washer model code and serial number. 

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