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Flexwash draining into main tub after 6 months of perfect use

I have loved the flexwash for 6 months up until 2 months ago when it suddenly started draining into the main tub, regardless of whether the main tub is running it's own cycle or not. It's really frustrating to go to switch over the main load and find it sitting in a pool of dirty water. The flexwash lint trap is clear, the drain tubes and cords are exactly as pictured in the assembly guide and have not been disturbed. It is not leaking water anywhere else. There is no error code. I don't overload it or start it within 5 minutes of the main washer. The help chat was useless and insisted on troubleshooting a problem I didn't have. To top it off, the dryer started having an issue last week where the cycle ends and the display turns off, but the dryer will not stop tumbling and pumping in air, no matter what buttons you press or how many times you open the door, or how long you leave it open. Even after we unplug it and plug it back in, it starts right up again. Posessed appliances!!!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Flexwash draining into main tub after 6 months of perfect use

I totally understand how frustrating that is and I would be delighted to assist you! Have you cleaned and drained the filter at the bottom front of the washer? With the dryer, have you checked to make sure there isn't a power surge happening in the outlet it's plugged into? 

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