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Flexwasher 1dc4 error won't clear

I have a model flexwash: WV60M9900A

I've tried everything, the per is closed powered own and restarted and nothing. 


Please help 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Flexwasher 1dc4 error won't clear

*FlexWash washers will display a 1dC4 error if the rubber button next to the latch for the upper washer is missing. In this case, service is not required, and replacing the button will fix the error.

*On some models, dC is a Door Error. On some models, it is an Unbalanced Load Error. 

  • For unbalanced error codes, you recalibrate the unit. For flex, top, and front loaders they have different ways you can recalibrate the unit.
  • A user manual would very help to locate how to recalibrate the unit. If you don't have the user manual. Log onto with your model number and download the user manual for free.

If the code cannot be corrected or there is damage to the door or latch, use the following link to find a list of service centers near that can do the repair.

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