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HELP! Terrible Support and Customer Service

I bought a new Samsung Washer and Dryer back at the end of May. The first week I had the dryer it would not spin the drumm it just would hum. I called Samsung and the guy was able to help me reset the dryer. Now fastforward to September we are getting ready to leave and the dryer doe the same thing it did in May so we call and waster over 2 hours on the messenger and phone trying to get somone to help us. We could not get any help and the person said we needed to schedule one of their service people to come look at it. I told him we are leaving the next morning for NY so we would have to do it when we get back. We got back on November 6th and I called and spoke with someone and they scheduled a person to come out and check the dryer. That was on a Friday, and the service person called Monday and asked what the dryer was doing. We went through the same story again and they said it was a motor and they would order one and be out Thursday. Now its been almost a week at this point and no dryer still. The guy comes out Thursday and puts in the new motor and the dryer is still doing the same thing. The service man calls Samsung and talks to a guy who said that it was normal and it just takes a few seconds for the dryer to start spinning. Well that wasnt true and once you added any weight in the dryer drum it would just hum and not spin. When you removed the item or items from the drum it would slowly start to spin. So the service guy calls Samsung again and the have him run tests and hok up meters and everything else and still they cant figure out whats wrong. So the serviceman tells me they think it may be they recievd a bad motor even though it was new in the box when he got to my house. He said they would order a new one again and be out Wednesday which is today. I said that is rediculous and I cant wait another week for my dryer to be fixed as I have 2 kids plus my wife and I to do laundry for. He said the part was ordered and to call Samsung again and let them know my displeasure. I have been trying to reach a supervisor at Samsung since Thursday. I am told everytime that a superviosr will reach out to me in 24 hours. I heard that Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday when I have called and also today, and at this point after hours on hold and waiting and being told a supervisor would call me back I have not heard from anyone. The person did not show up today as he said he would last week. I found out they ordered another motor only yesterday, tuesday and it takes 2-3 days to come in and they probably cant get out here until next week. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The dryer is new under warrenty and I am getting jerked around no call backs and no way to do my laundry. So I am still waitng for a call back I dont understand why if the part they brought out didnt work why I have to wait 2 weeks for another motor and someone to put it in. They tried that it didnt work so replace the dryer. In what world is it OK to sell a faulty machine then make the person wait weeks to get it fixed or replaced? I own my own business and I can guauantee if I treated my customers this way I would not have any. This is the WORST customer service I have experienced. I have all Samsung appliancesin my house, but after this terrible experience I will not be buying anything Samsung again. This should have been a few days at most not over 2 weeks and still no resolution. I can order Samsung parts off Amazon faster than these people can get them, thats insane. Does anyone have a number that I can have so I can call and get help? I am not going to a laundry mat esecially now and I shouldnt have to since I bought NEW washer and Dryer a few months ago. What a terrible way to treat a customer. I guess customer serrvice is really dead atleast with Samsung.


Re: HELP! Terrible Support and Customer Service

Samsung has NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They think they can keep customers coming back no matter what! Maybe we can prove them wrong! 👍