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Horrible customer service

Purchased a Samsung dishwasher on-line through Lowe's.  Received it in Dec. 2019.  Two months ago received a notice on the dishwasher (5c).  Followed the trouble shooting suggestions which did not resolve the issue.  Contacted Customer Service on June 12th and have gotten nothing but a run around everytime I call to find out what is going on.  Was informed they did not have a repairman within 100 miles of my home and would need to get the dishwasher exchanged.  Received notice that Lowes has all the information for an exchange. Talked to a CS representative today and told go directly to Lowe's and speak with someone.  Went to Lowe's only to be told they don't have any information.  Salesperson contacted Samsung Customer Service who informed him they will need to resend all the information and it will take up to 3-5 business days.  HOW DOES IT TAKE 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS TO FAX INFORMATION?  I called CS back when I got home to make them aware and told "So sorry.  We will resend the needed information to Lowe's again and it will take 3-5 business days for them to get it."   This is the worst customer service I have every had to deal with.   It is now July 8th and still haven't gotten anywhere.