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How to diagnose dryer problem

(Topic created on: 12/2/20 9:44 AM)
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My dryer model DV40J3000EW/A2 is 4 yrs old and will not start when button pushed. I have no experience with dryer repair but am mechanically minded and have watched several youtube videos for Samsung dryer repair. I have disassembled the dryer.  The belt pulley doesn't turn freely but that wouldn't cause no start .

Using a multimeter, The heater element (reads 9 ohms) and 2 thermostats on the heater housing have continuity. On the blower housing,  thermostat 1 has no continuity and the thermistor has continuity.  The door switch is good. i assume the belt pully cut off switch is good since it's a simple on/off.

what do you recommend? replacingthermostat 1 on the blower housing, and belt pully? Anything else?


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