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How to make my dryer shut up? DVE45T6000

For the love of God how do I turn off my  dryer alert?  It is like some sort of sick joke. 

If if can't be done, how to remove front panel and access speaker? 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: How to make my dryer shut up? DVE45T6000

For this dryer, this is how you can turn the end of cycle tune off. (This will NOT turn off the other sounds [button sounds])


You can turn the alarm on or off. When the alarm is off, the melody of cycle completion and the power-off beep will not sound. However, the other sounds stay active.

• Press and hold Damp Alert for 3 seconds.

• Your setting will be retained even after you turn off the dryer.

You can turn the alarm back on by pressing and holding the same button for 3 seconds.

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