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Impossible to find out what part i need for my installation

(Topic created: 06-26-2022 06:30 AM)
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I bought the stackable washer and dryer from Samsung because I used to think that Samsung was a great company.


after my experience trying to get it installed, I will never ever buy a samsung product again, whether that's a tv, phone or other piece of electronics.

When the installation team arrived, they said that they could not install the machines, because I needed 'brackets' When making the purchase, there was no information on the website saying that I need to buy brackets.

How can you sell an installation and not (a) tell me I needed additional parts, (b) and provide a link to buy the part I need for the installation. To make it worse, the customer service is beyond horrible.

I had to go through 3 different chats to find the appliance department. Then I waited in line for hours, and the site kept resetting my place in line. i wasted hours on this. When I finally chatted with an agent, they could not give me specific information on the part that I need. so after all this time, I'm stuck and can't do anything. I'll never buy any Samsung product ever again. Adding you to the list of terrible terrible companies. what a mistake.

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Community Manager
Washers and Dryers

Hi there! We're so sorry to hear you've had such a difficult time finding the right part to be able to install your washer and dryer. I'm providing a link below to our currently available stacking kits. You'll need to find the stacking kit that lists your washer and dryer models as compatible.