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Issues with all my Samsung Appliances

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Washers and Dryers

A few weeks ago I posted the following complaint. I chose washers and dryers because the dryer is the latest in a series of problems. I was asked for an email to reply to and [edit] I did not get a response. I will try again.


In November of 2017 we purchased a complete set of Samsung appliances from JC Penney. The purchase package included the following;

Diswasher DW80K5050US - [edit s/n]
Microwave ME18H704SFS – [edit s/n]
Dryer DV42H5200RP/A3 – [edit s/n]
Washer WF42H5200AP/A2 – [edit s/n]
Refrigerator RF23J9011SR/AA – [edit s/n]
Range of unknown numbers because there is no sticker affixed

The purchase of the Samsung appliances was due to my long time purchase of Samsung products that included cell phones, computer monitors and various storage drives, and numerous TVs.

For the above listed appliance products the following are my issues with each,
Dishwasher always has a foul odor.
Microwave stopped working only months after installation.
Dryer has had bearing issues and recently a felt seal failed causing the drum to go metal on metal.
Washer has no problems so far.
Refrigerator icemaker constantly freezes and had to be removed due to fan noise caused by ice buildup.
Range is rusting on the door.

I am appalled at how awful these products are. Having used many Samsung electronic products I find it mind boggling that Samsung could be so awful in appliance products. Without any assistance or refund from Samsung for these above listed issues I will not purchase any Samsung products in the future and will post this same message in any forum I can find.


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