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Lint accumulation around blower

We have a 24" stackable Samsung electric dryer. It is a wonderful appliance and is serving us well. We had an incident yesterday with a faulty vent cover that allowed water to come in thru the vent and into the bottom of the dryer. It was quite the ordeal to get the dryer down and apart due to the small size of our living space. We removed the top, front, and back of the dryer and were extremely lucky nothing was damaged. I am sure this was due in no small part by your engineers making sure no critical electric or electronic parts were low in the dryer. Thewe was however quite an accumulation of lint near the blower. You could tell that this stuff has been there for quite a while.
May I suggest that a small inspection cover in the lower front would be a great help in keeping the fan blower in better working order. We love our dryer and matching washer and would recommend the set to anyone . The washer was new in 2005 and the dryer was replaced in 2009 because no replacement part was available so they have given us great service. We have them in out fifth wheel RV and they have traveled with us thru Canada, The US and Mexico. They have pounded down about 50,000 miles of roads and have worked great and never budged from their spot!
Thank you,
Brian Donnelly.