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Looking to acquire (buy?) Aqua Pebble for FlexWash washer

We recently moved into a new house and I was looking forward using my new Samsung Flexwash, but today when I was about to use the top washer and reading manual, I started looking for Aqua Pebble and it nowhere to be found. I know that the company who intalled our applicance is very good about giving us everything that was provided with these applicances. So, I assume that Aqua Pebble was not included. I would like to know how to acquire this accessory without which the top washer is useless, at least according to the manual.

Thank you.

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Re: Looking to acquire (buy?) Aqua Pebble for FlexWash washer

I would recommend reaching out to the 

Samsung E-Commerce Support Team at the information below they will be able to help you alot better 


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Re: Looking to acquire (buy?) Aqua Pebble for FlexWash washer

You can also check out for replacement parts and accessories.

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