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Model: DV56H9000EP/A2

We bought this as it was the largest residental capacity and now i wish to god we would have for one we got them at HHGregg which is no longer and two got them within the first few weeks they came out really no issues with the washer besides the titanium covering unpeeling inside by the drum but the dryer it will do its cycle then continue to run just cool or no air tried power button it does absolutely nothing we unplug it plug it back in its hit or miss half the time and ive went to the circuit board unclipped everything and plugged them back in hours later sometimes works but mostly doesn't but if you close the door and its running and not stopping if you hit power and turn to whatever settings you dry your stuff on and press play it will work with heat and dry everything but the problem still is it wont turn off or stop tumbling period unless the doors open pr unplugged and i can really think of mjch better things my husband and i couldve spent that money on rather than this pos dryer and having three kids and dogs it is the utmost of an inconvenience! Will never buy another samsung again... 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Model: DV56H9000EP/A2

Can I have you try making sure that the 3hr Air-fluff option is not on? Then try running a light load of clothing.

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