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Mold and mildew

I bought a Samsung top load washer in June of 2016. A few months later I find out the top could explode and hurt someone. Samsung offers me to go out and buy a new one and they will send me a rebate of $500. I paid $850 so I kept it. Now this POS smells like mold so I do some research and come to find out I most definitely not the only one. There are many of YouTube videos on this problem. So I went through some of the fixes that thay offered and nothing worked. Stay away from Samsung washing machine. 


Re: Mold and mildew

We had the same mold problem and when repairman came out he said it was due to lack of maintenance and to run the cleaning cycle. We did it daily for several weeks and no improvement. On rereading the manual it say the drain hose should be 3-5 inches in only or could cause. Turns out ours was pushed down more than a foot too far. Have not had any problems in the past year since we pulled it out so it is only 5 inches.