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My dryer stays on and is stuck at 1 minute

(Topic created on: 2/13/21 8:16 PM)
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My dryer is not stopping automatically and stays on even though it shows that there is 1 minute left.  We bought a few years ago but I don't believe that it should do this as it's still very much in like new condition. My Samsung dryer Model is #DV42H5200EW/A3 and Serial # <HIDDEN>.  Can someone from Samsung contact me?

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The original design of most dryers was not to stop them hot and cause people to get burnt. So once a drying cycle was completed, the dryers heat would be stopped or withdrawn, while the dryer would spin for another minute as a sort of cooling down period. So is your dryer spinning and drying excessively more than selected and even overlapping into another selection or indication? If it is, chances are the selector knob is not securely fastened to its attachment pole or attached improperly and misaligned.

When the cycle stops, pull the selector knob off and inspect the knob for cracks or broken pieces that would favilitate slipping or a loose connection. Reinstall the knob so the pointer or indicator is aligned at the end of the cycle.