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New washer with manufacturing defect

(Topic created: 11-19-2021 08:54 AM)
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First I'd like to know if anyone has ever gotten an response from Samsung on this community board.

My new washer has a defect at the bottom of the tub where the bottom & sides are sealed together at the manufacturer.  Part of this was never sealed & you can see that there are folds where the metal was not in the correct position when it went through the sealing process. No punctures, no dents, no broken metal. But I have been told it is "physical damage."  I disagree. We believe it was like this when it left the manufacturer, wherever that is.  I was never given any example of how this "damage" could have been made.

My claim has been DENIED & now they say our warranty has been voided.  Is this how your treat your customers?  Are you not allowed to show that Samsung made an error in production? Do you not take responsibility for anything? 

I'd like to know if anyone else has had bad experiences with Samsung standing behind their products. The decision to not purchase any other Samsung item is an easy one to make. And I will let anyone & everyone know of my experience.  Samsung, it's an easy fix. All you have to do is replace the tub. Something that Quality Control should have identified and fixed before leaving production. 

Any comments would be appreciated.



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I have tried to contact them for this same issue. I did not receive the requested info form to begin the recal process, and have asked for it multiple times since the recall was brought to my attention a year or so ago. My washer spins and half way into the spin the drum shakes so bad it's unbalanced.  Also mold and gunk collects in the drum rim which is unsanitary.  Thank you for posting this.