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Plastic dryer balls

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This is a question for the Samsung folks and for other users.  We have a brand new 7.4 cubic inch in Samsung gas dryer with sanitize plus, and it is great.  With our 15+ year old dryer, my wife would use those plastic balls to help the dryer to do its job.  She is so used to placing them in the dryer, that she wants to continue using them in our new dryer.  But I don't think they are needed and I can't see any real benefit.  In addition I am wondering wheher they could actually damage the dryer since the drum is very different from our old one.


I'd like to hear some feedback and advice from other consumers as well as Samsung experts.


Thanks in advance!

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those balls are helpful in continuing to keep the clothes "fluffed" as they tumble through. it's strictly a matter of preference. some people use tennis balls. fact is, your clothes are way heavier than those balls when you put them into the dryer, so it's not likely that they would damage the drum