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Refund confusion by multiple Samsung Requests

We have agreed to accept a refund for our recalled washer that was having issues that is under warranty.  While Samsung customer service is trying, we are getting confused and concerned as we are getting requests through multiple channels and conflicting information. 


  • We received an email from Samsung Support, (not an individual Samsung representative,) with a link to an online portal to submit information including our banking information for refund. We electronically agreed to the terms and conditions and uploaded our unit's serial number sticker and terms and conditions. We received a confirmation email after we completed everything in the portal.
  • We received a phone call and an email from a Samsung representative that had an attachment including terms and conditions and a request for the serial number sticker.  We returned the requested documents to the representative. These documents asked for the name for the refund check to be sent to. While we filled out that information, I also sent a print out of the information for our banking information that we did through the online portal.
  • We received a follow up email for Samsung Support, (not an individual Samsung Representative,) requesting that we fill out and return acceptance of terms and conditions and a picture of the serial number sticker. This email is from the same group that sent us to the online portal where we already submitted this information. This is now the 3rd, "Terms and Conditions" that we have filled out, (One through the online portal and 2 different PDFs.) All the forms were essentially the same except minor verbiage differences. We have replied with the new requested documents. This email message stated to send the forms to the same email the representative requested which was  The actual form said to send the information to  Of course we sent the information to both. However on the instructions it says for faster service to submit through the online portal, (which we no longer have access to as we have already completed.)

Any reccomendations? I will escalate if needed. Thanks.


Re: Refund confusion by multiple Samsung Requests

We are experiencing a similar issue with a refund we were promised for a Samsung Refrigerator that has been nothing but trouble.  Sent the same docs to three separate Refund Request numbers, and when we call support we get put on hold for literally hours trying to talk to Case Management.  I'm starting to think we need to think about a class action lawsuit against Samsung for the obvious purposeful runaround they are putting their customers thru.