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Regarding dryer pully and reinstall vent

I fully realise it's a safety feature  power cuttoff to motor to prevent the dryer running in if belt breaks etc.


I'm happy that Samsung has a easy way to access it. 


However when I try and re install the door with duct pipe,  it does not line up properly with the inside on near machine front.   There is a sense that some of the lint will accumulate into the motor and heater area.   This over time thankfully if your lucky only breaks the pully plastic.  If your unlucky it breaks belt , pully and clogs into motor and drum roller wheels, as well maybe the 5000watt heater Assembly.  


Please anyone what's an easy way to remedy this.  I'm not prepared to write off my amazing Samsung dryer.  There has to be a easy solution to the internal duct hose problem.  I was hoping that the front side fed into the pipe,  eliminating a chance of lint leak.  But they dont couple they only kiss.  Also every time i remove it , the foam tape on pipe gets damaged.