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Remaining Laundry / Add Location Information error

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 6:13 AM)
Washers and Dryers

Hi All,


New to Samsung Smartthings (but not to the smart home). I have just purchased a Washing Machine and a dryer from Samsung and I have installed and setup the Smartthings app and registered the two device and everything reports back correctly.


There is however a settings called "Remaining Laundry" on both but I am unable to use it:



On the dryer it allowed me to press the button to turn it on but then says "Go to More > Manage location > Geolocation and add the location of the dryer" I cannot find this setting on the Dryer page but I can from the main menu in the Smarththings app however everytime I set my location and come out again its lost the location and defaults to my old address (moved two days ago but washer and dryer delivered new to new address)



The settings are just greyed out?


I am using a latest Android phone with latest updates.


Any help is much appreciated!

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