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Return policy Error

(Topic created: 10-20-2021 10:04 AM)
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I bought a bundle with Washer, Dryer and Jetbot Mop and received discount on each item.

The washer and dryer had a 15 day return policy. But the Jetbot mop didn't arrive until 20 days later. I didn't like the mop. So, I wanted to return it. But I was told I needed to return all three items or else I would only be refunded the amount less the discounts on washer, dryer and jetbot. The home appliance team indicated I couldn't return the items because they were past 15 days. So, basically, the only way to return the Jetbot mop was get refunded $105 for an item I paid $233 for. 

After talking to over 5 Customer service (home appliance and small electronics) reps on the phone for over an hour trying to explain this, a supervisor indicated they would be able to refund me the whole amount. So, I returned the mop. But I ended up getting only $105 back. 

I spent another hour chatting with customer service reps and still no resolution has been met.

Samsung needs to get this issue resolved. This seems like a bad return policy. If two items are ordered and one arrives very late, then the first item cannot be returned. It should be that the return date window should start after the delivery of the last item that is delivered, not the first item.

Note: The issue with dryer delivery, installation and repair is another story. Having been a Samsung loyal customer for over 20 years, I am starting to rethink the quality and customer service of Samsung.

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Community Manager
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We do apologize for the experience.  Unfortunately we only handle technical support in the community.  You will need ot contact the E-Commerce team directly to have this issue resolved.  

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