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Sad and disappointed

We LOVE our Samsung phones, so we thought having a Samsung washer and dryer would be a great improvement over the other brands of washers and dryers we have had throughout our 27 years of marraige and family. Nope. Worst ones yet. The top loader washer is rusting. A lot! I've never had a washer rust like this one has. It has recently started having balance issues and on Sunday it flooded my sons' bedroom. We've pretty well had consistant problems with this washer the entire 3 years we have owned it. I can't even use it now. It's quite a disappointment. And the dryer has been just as poor a performer as the washer. We have had to replace the heating element once and the bearings on the drum twice in the 2 years we have had it. I promise We aren't washing elephants! Samsung is great for electronics. We have had great experiences with other products, but we are certainly surprised at the unfortunate quality of the appliances we own.

Buyer beware!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Sad and disappointed

Can I have your full model code and serial numbers for the units via private message?

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