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Samsung Active waterjet

This is the most horrible washer I've ever owned. It's agitation is next nothing and on top of that it takes OVER an hour and a half to complete a load! Oh and there's the little thing anout it being out of balance. If it didn't take long enough before, now you can add 17 min more each time it has to reset or 23 minutes!! It's absolutely ridiculous!! I used to be just fine about doing my families laundry now can not stand to do it at all. The clothes DO NOT GET Clean at all! How could they when the agitation is next to nothing. It actually spends the majority of the time trying to figure out what it wants to do next! Meaning it spends a great deal of time doing nothing while the motor is making different noises. I've never ever been so dissatisfied, disappointed and irritated by a washer in my life. 

My sons father purchased it from Best Buy over 6 months ago so I'm sure there's nothing that can be done.  I didn't know what to do since I didn't really notice how it agitated until a month after we bought it. The dryer takes forever to dry as well. My neighbor has these stackable old washer and dryer and they take a shorter amount of time to run and the clothes come out actually clean!!! What a concept!! Whoever is in charge of this build or design has never or does not ever do laundry because if they did this machine would be VERY DIFFERENT!