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Samsung Dryer DV45H7000 DO NOT BUY

I'm hoping this will save someone else from a poor purchase.  We bought our Samsung washer and dryer less than 3 years ago (July 2016 for model DV45H7000EW/A2).  Our dryer has had 2 major repairs in the last 6 months--first, for a bad heating element, and now a broken idler pulley.  $460 total repairs for a 3 year old dryer.  The service tech said that neither of these parts should have failed in such a short time and that the idler pulley was a design flaw (the part has been known to break and has now been redesigned). He literally told me that the dryer wasn't worth further repair should something else break. I realize that I'm out of the 1 year warranty, but I just don't believe that major appliances like this, which cost a lot of money to begin with, should fail within such a short period of time. Yet, when I contacted Samsung support after the first repair, they told me that there was nothing they could do. My family had the same Maytag washer and dryer for my entire childhood and into college. Previous to this, we had LG appliances that never gave us any issue in 10 years.  We should have kept those when we moved. I will never purchase a Samsung appliance again and I would caution anyone else against purchasing.