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Samsung Dryer Dv42H5200EF - heating element keeps going out

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I have a model Dv42H5200EF Samsung Dryer, approximately 7 years old.

The heating element goes out about every 3-18 months, I am on my 7th heating element

I have tried the following:

  • Cleaning ductwork, this has never been a problem, the traps are all clear
  • Lubricating the wheels, one was stuck at first but I lubricate them all with silicon spray
  • Checking the belt and tension, this is fine
  • Replacing all sensors and testing sensors with a fluke meter
  • Using an OEM heating element (over $100) as well as cheaper models from Amazon ($20)
  • In a relatively clean environment, elevated with no dust or lint outside
  • Ensuring the drum always turns
  • Resetting (unplugging/plugging in)
  • Not overloading, no excessive use, about 4-5 loads a week

I am struggling with trying to determine the root cause.

Could this be an issue with the control board or something else?

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