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Samsung Dryer trouble, Again & Again!

Model DV48H7400EW/A2

A while back, I posted the 1st problem I had with my Samsung dryer when I eventually had to replace the idler pulley that literally melted inside the dryer. I had to do this at my own expense and perform my own repair. Since then problems have continued, such as the dryer not stopping at the end of the set time, and continuing to run, never stopping, until I would discover it and turned it off.  Knowing that the company didn't repair the 1st idler pulley issue, being that it was out of the usual warranty time, I searched for a fix until I found others with the same problem.  Just as I had done previously with the pulley, it didn't take long to find other Samsung customers having the same issue. This time the necessary fix was to access the control panel and check all connections by removing the connections & then plugging them right back in. This worked over the course of the last couple of years. I did buy a new control board last year to keep on hand for when it gets to the point that the fix would no longer work. Last week the dryer began a totally new symptom of not turning on at all. It has power, and all the lights are lit, bells ring, but when I push to start there is silence. Thinking that it was surely related to the last issue, I went ahead and replaced the control panel. Much to my surprise, or maybe not so much a surprise, that did nothing to fix the situation. Once again, it didn't take long to find many other people with the same situation. Some have alluded to the problem begain the idle pulley. If I open the back of that dryer and find my replacement idler pulley has once again burned up and melted, I think I'm going to blow a gasket of my own. Obviously, there's a defective part causing these pulleys to do this! If thats what I see, I will never, ever again by a Samsung appliance. And seeing as how my home is full of Samsung appliances from refrigerators to 70" TV's, the washer and dryer, my entire family's cellphones, that's going to say a lot. Why Samsung does not admit to a problem I'll never know. But I am getting tired of doing repairs, as I'm a 63 year old woman, a retired educator, so of course have the smallest of pensions, but I have to figure out whats wrong each time the dryer goes out,  by myself, buying & replacing parts by myself, and doing all the darn labor, because apparently I bought a crappy product!!!!